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Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Phil, Stephen + Rob
This week pastors Phil, Stephen and Rob share the vision of the River Churches as they encourage us to Love God, Love others and Change the World.
Rob McArthur
Today Pastor Rob concludes his 3 part series on what it means to be a River Reviver. What does it mean to be a River Reviver?... Listen to this encouraging message and find out!
John Strachan
Practical Martha or Spiritual Mary. Who was right? Mary's need Martha's and Martha's need Mary's. Getting the balance right is so important.
Philip Watt
In the journey of the Christian life what we must do is live by faith, it’s how God has designated it. In a life lived by faith we must also be persuaded that God has the power to deliver His promises.
Phil Sanderson
In order for the Kingdom of God to expand, the apostolic and prophetic must work together. They are foundational because of their dependence on Jesus Christ to bring transformational power to the purposes and plans of His Church.
Blake Hartsock
We as Jesus-followers are like a city set on a hill. We are filled with light from Jesus that the whole world needs. Through the story of Nehemiah we see how each of us is called to bring restoration to our sphere of influence through the light of God.