Our Team

Let's introduce you to the Pastoral Team who serve as leadership for the River Church Aberdeen. 
Phil and Toto   derek and ruth
Phil and Toto Sanderson   Derek and Ann Clumpus
Phil is our senior leader and is responsible for vision, direction, teaching and pastoral oversight. He loves Jesus, likes superhero movies and sushi. Phil is passionate about God’s word, church history and the prophetic. Toto leads our woman’s ministry and has superhero like motherhood skills. Phil and Toto have three amazing kids.
  Ann leads the churches prayer ministry and along with Phil makes up the churches senior leadership team. She loves all things prophetic and most things to do with Dobbie’s garden centre. Derek is one of our trustees and likes very precise tools and steam engines.
chris and claire   Immanuel
Chris and Claire McKenzie   Immanuel Doss
Chris takes point on our men’s ministry, Men on Fire. He is a carpenter by trade, like Jesus, and enjoys laying down a phat beat on the mixing decks… possibly like Jesus??? Claire leads our kid’s ministry. She enjoys healthy eating… and chocolate.
  Immanuel is our senior worship leader and also serves as a trustee. Much like dreadlock holiday, he doesn't like cricket, he loves it!